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Project Description
This command line utility allows you to generate a SQL Server Compact INSERT script based on a csv file and an existing SQL Compact table.


Usage :
 Csv2SqlCe.exe [SQL Server Compact Connection String] [Path to CSV file] [Path to SQL File] [Table] [Separator]
   (Separator is optional, default is comma)

Example :
 Csv2SqlCe.exe "Data Source=C:\Data\Northwind.sdf" "C:\Data\Shippers.csv" "C:\Data\Shippers.sqlce" "Shippers" ";"

You can then use SqlCeCmd.exe to load the generated script:

sqlcecmd -d"Data Source=C:\Data\Northwind.sdf"  -i "C:\Data\Shippers.sqlce" -n

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